About Discovery Funeral Plan

Discovery is a company that we believe requires little to no introduction. Founded about two decades ago, Discovery has vowed to get their client to live a healthier life. They have set forth some of the most innovative products the market has ever seen. The Discovery Funeral plan is not linked to any of their existing products. This means that you are not forced to take any of their other products.

Below is a brief description of each benefit

Double Accidental Death Cover

Discovery will pay double the cover amount if you or your spouse die as a result of a motor accident.

Baby Cover (Automatic)

Discovery pays if your child dies within the first three months of birth. This includes a stillborn.

Groceries Cover

Discovery will pay out a lump sum. This helps to cater for your household at time of funeral.

Claims Settled Within 24 Hours

Discovery will pay out your claim within 24 hours. This once they receive all the paperwork.

Education Benefit for Your Children

Discovery will payout a lump sum on your death or the death of your spouse.


Premium PayBack Benefit

Discovery pays back a percentage of your premiums paid in that year every year from your second year.

Continued Cover Spouse Cover

Discovery will pay your funeral premium for one year for your spouse & children

Unveiling Cover

Discovery will pay out a lump sum for both you and your spouse for of the unveiling.

What is a Funeral Plan?

Funeral or burial plan is a type of insurance policy a person can take on a life. This insurance policy will pay cash to a beneficiary. Once they have all documents, it usually takes 24 hours. This cash payment can cover the costs of the insured lives burial. The money can cover the cost of the tombstone, grave, coffin, flowers, etc.

With a funeral plan, you can usually cover your direct and indirect family. Most providers offer additional benefits. The main aim of funeral cover is to ensure your family does not have to suffer financially when you pass away. No matter your age, everybody needs some form of burial insurance.

At the end of the day, it does not matter who you use as your provider. As long as you make sure that the provider is reputable. At Funeral Cover ME, we only represent the best. All the providers we have to offer are well established.


About Discovery Funeral Cover

The Discovery funeral plan offers their clients a funeral plan from R10 000 to R60 000. This ensures that enough funds will be available when you need to claim. This is the highest level of cover of any of the providers we represent. With this plan, you can cover various family members. This includes your spouse, children, parents and even extended family members. At FuneralCoverME, we can help tailor your plan to perfection.

You can expect your cash pay-out to be made within 24 hours of a valid claim. This means that your beneficiaries will have cash available quickly. The last thing we want is for our family to struggle when we pass away. As an added benefit, if you or your insured spouse dies as a result of an accident, the cover amount will double. Discovery has taken their funeral plan to the next level. You will receive amazing extra benefits. These include a Premium Payback Benefit, Accidental Death Benefit, Automatic Baby Cover and an Education Benefit.

Discovery Life also offers you additional benefits. You can amend your policy to suit your lifestyle. You can select optional benefits including a Memorial Benefit and Grocery benefit. The Memorial benefit is an additional pay-out to cover the costs of an unveiling the tombstone. The Grocery Benefit will pay an additional amount to ensure that your family will have grocery money for a couple of months after the burial.

In short, the Discover funeral plan is affordable, and offers cover up to R60 000. There are no medical examinations required to join the policy. You can cover your direct and extended family members. To join the policy, you need to be a South-Africa citizen.

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