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Reasons to Choose Discovery

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You decide the cover amount for each person. You can amend each person until you are 100% satisfied. Cover starts from just R48 p/m.

Discovery pays back a percentage of your premiums paid in that year every year from your second year. Only on Classic Plan.

Your payout will automatically double in the event of motor accident death. There are no waiting periods for accidental death. You will be covered from the first premium.

Acceptance guaranteed. No health questions or blood tests are required for funeral insurance.

Once all the claim documents are submit, payouts occur within 24 hours.

With Discovery Life Funeral Cover, you will receive automatic cover for a baby born to you, or your spouse. A lump sum will be paid in the event that the baby dies within 3 months of birth.

With the Discovery Life Funeral Plan, if you or your marked spouse dies, an education benefit will be paid for 6 months after the claim.

This benefit will pay an amount to you or your spouse for 1 year after the death.

With the grocery benefit, you or your spouse will receive an insured an amount for 6 months after a death.


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Discovery funeral cover can be taken as a standalone policy. You do not need to have any other Discovery products to qualify. As with most of their products, this is a great funeral policy. They have gone out of their way to create something amazing. Their policy has many included &optional benefits. With Discovery funeral cover, you can get up to R60 000 cover.

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Discovery Funeral Cover Introduction

South Africa celebrates Discovery for their creative products. Discovery funeral cover is another great example. You do not need to have any other products from Discovery to get Discovery funeral cover. This is a stand-alone product that can be taken out on its own.

For most people in SA, Discovery will not need much of an outline. Most of us know exactly who they are. They are a company that takes care of their clients and their well-being. Discovery offers many products that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Discover Life  was founded a couple of decades ago. Discovery Life has since become a very trusted brand.

With Discovery funeral cover, you can get a massive R60 000 cover. This is the most cover offered by any of the providers we represent. With this “cash only” policy, your beneficiary will have the freedom to make use of various companies. This means they can get the tombstone from one provider and the brochures from another.


The family can shop around for the best deals Provide options can help them save on costs. A “cash only” policy does not mean it does not come with great benefits. It means Discovery will not plan the funeral for you. Most funeral policies work this way. To make the policy more attractive, insurance companies add extra benefits. For more information on Discovery benefits, please scroll down.  Discovery offers two policy options. You can get either the classic funeral plan, or essential funeral plan

With the Discovery funeral plan, there will not be any medical exams or questions. This is why there is a six-month waiting period. The waiting period is only for natural causes. Accidental death gets cover from the first premium. Death as a result of a motor accident pays out double. The waiting period is just to prevent sick people from taking out a policy on their death bed.


Discovery Benefits Explained

Double Accidental Death Cover

Discovery will pay double the cover amount if you or your spouse die as a result of a motor accident.

Baby Cover (Automatic)

Discovery pays if your child dies within the first three months of birth. This includes a stillborn.

Groceries Cover

Discovery will pay out a lump sum. This helps to cater for your household at time of funeral.

Claims Settled Within 24 Hours

Discovery will pay out your claim within 24 hours. This once they receive all the paperwork.

Education Benefit for Your Children

Discovery will payout a lump sum on your death or the death of your spouse.


Premium PayBack Benefit

Discovery pays back a percentage of your premiums paid in that year every year from your second year.

Continued Cover Spouse Cover

Discovery will pay your funeral premium for one year for your spouse & children

Unveiling Cover

Discovery will pay out a lump sum for both you and your spouse for of the unveiling.

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Discovery Funeral Plan Conclusion

This great company has been with InSHoor™ since we opened our doors. During this time, we had only great feedback from our clients. With easy claim procedures, most claims settle within 48 hours. This is subject to them receiving all the needed documents.  A quick payout ensures that cash will be available as soon as possible. Discovery understands the importance of fast claims. They will always try and settle everything as soon as possible.

With individual or family cover, you can rest assured that Discovery will have a policy to suit your needs. They have a great reputation in the industry. We absolutely love the brand and everything they stand for.

Even though this is a cash only funeral plan, there are a lot of interesting value added benefits. This makes the policy stand out above the rest. For example, the product comes with included & optional benefits. Optional benefits include grocery, memorial and other benefits. Included in the funeral policy will be benefits like the education, accidental death and baby cover.


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